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all about us.

We are a small family business, with a huge customer base.

It all began with a little vegan restaurant in the heart of Liverpool. In 2019, we opened our doors with £10 in the bank. Our rent was due the next day and with all of our personal savings already invested in this dream, we had only one option - this HAD to work. It was very much a sink or swim moment.

By 11am we had queues around the block. Over the next couple of weeks, people travelled from all over the UK to taste our plant-based creations. We were on cloud nine. Our small team grew and so did our family. 

Then, the worst happened. Lockdown hit. After only a couple of months, we were forced to shut our doors.  But the demand was still there. We received hundreds of messages from our lovely customers about how much they missed our food. Then, we had a brainwave. 
What if we could deliver our food to our customers to heat and eat at home?

Meatless Meal Prep Co. was born.

Since then, we've delivered over 1 million meals to customers, all over the UK. We've invested every single penny of profit over the last 4 years into growing our business, plus supporting community projects, food banks and charities in our local area. Here's some stats:


over 100 donations made to food banks.

over 200 free (no school) meals for children.

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